Health benefits were first discovered thousands of years ago in both Japan and China. Not until 1953, did the west discover its benefits, as Nobel Prize winner Dr. Adolf Krebs introduced the Citric Acid Cycle.

• Consuming vinegar may prevent weight gain resulting in less body fat accumulation. (webmd)

• Consuming vinegar can decrease muscle pain and fatigue, converting into citric acid, which can eliminate and absorb lactic acid buildup, causing muscle cramping and fatigue. (wikipedia)

• It is believed that vinegar’s effect on blood pressure is linked to renin activity reduction. Renin is an enzyme that regulates blood pressure. High renin levels = Increased blood pressure. Studies have found that vinegar can act as an antihypertensive. (

• Drinking vinegar daily promotes healthy functioning of vital organs, preventing bodies from becoming excessively alkaline, by balancing the natural pH within us. (