Jam Beverage Co. is a small family-owned company, producing Hand-Crafted Drinking Vinegars in Charleston, South Carolina. Our vinegars are made with all natural ingredients, without the presence of additives, preservatives or artificial flavorings. We are committed to utilizing as much fresh local produce our neighboring farms have to offer. Building personal relationships with our local farmers is very important to us, not only providing us with the freshest bounty, but boosting our economy close to home.

jam-vinegars-trio-1200x886Jam Beverage Co. looks to provide the Charleston and the surrounding counties with our vinegars, particularly in our vast variety of restaurants, bars and gourmet grocers. Our vinegars have multiple uses and various health benefits. Applications to include, but not limited to: Add 1 part to 4 parts sparkling water for a very sweet, tart and refreshing non-spirited “mocktail”; Add 1⁄2 ounce to your favorite cocktail to add acidity and elements of fresh, bright fruit flavors without the need of fresh squeezed fruit juice from your basic citrus varieties; Use to make delicious salad dressings, vinaigrettes or gastriques. Acid in cooking, in both savory and pastry kitchens, are often used to brighten a dish, giving it that extra “punch”.

Jam Beverage Co. currently operates with two employees, both operating LLC members. We look to distribute locally to the Charleston community and eventually grow to national distribution with a strong online marketplace.